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Country Maple Leaf is one of the states whose diplomas are highly rated in the international education market. This is not surprising: Canada spends on the development of the education system more money than many other developed countries (7.1% of GDP as against the average of 6.1%). The degree of development of the educational infrastructure of said at least the fact that all public schools, universities and colleges in Canada are connected via satellite CANTAT to the Internet.

Canada is a world leader in high technology, aerospace and microelectronics. As a consequence, all these areas are taught at a very high level. Enjoys a good reputation the Canadian engineering education, as well as programs in business and science. Canadian school diplomas are recognized worldwide.

According to the study the Human Development Index, conducted by UN experts, Canada ranks first in the world in terms of life. The crime rate in Canada is lower than in many other English-speaking countries.

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